Be Water

We help crypto startups build 10X products

Be Water is an on-chain product studio partnering with startups to build exceptional blockchain-based products.

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The partner for those who build without compromise.

If you're chasing a quick bag, we're not the partner for you. If you cut corners, close this tab. If you fundamentally believe in a world where the individual stands free from centralized institutions, let's build something great together.

Most say we're too ambitious. Crypto is our craft, our mission, our obsession.

We're the holdouts, the resistance, the builders refusing to accept a centralized future. We only accept perfection and stop at nothing to achieve it. We've been here for years and we're just getting started.

0 years

Building crypto products

We've seen it all, from Vitalik endorsements to DAO-owned sports teams.

$0 million

In tokens sold by partner projects

Whether you're launching a DAO, protocol, or product, we'll help build the infrastructure for a successful sale.


Active partner project holders

We believe in utility-driven token models that impact the real world. We'll help you design effective tokenomics that leads to large-scale adoption.

We worked with Be Water to design a website and on-chain service and could not be happier with the result. They're true professionals who will design and execute some masterful products quickly and effectively. Greg and the team personally ensure that the end product meets all the standards you could ever dream of.

"Uncle Jon"
CEO, BIG3 Ball Hogs


Value-focused product design

We believe the foundations of any great product are usability and value. Every decision we make, KPI we target, and pixel we push is done to bring value to your users.

Research and strategy.
We'll work with you to understand your users, your goals, and your product. We'll then create a strategy to get you there.
Conversion-oriented landing pages.
A landing page is only as good as its conversion rate. Our sleek designs are just an added perk to your high-converting page.
360° product design.
Building the next big thing? Got ideas but not quite a designer? We'll fill in the gaps to make your vision a reality.


Scalable, and reliable data flow

Data is the backbone of any application, whether its on-chain, off-chain, or both. We bring years of experience to your smart contract and backend development.

Smart contracts.
We wouldn't be an on-chain studio without on-chain code. We'll build tested, secure, and gas-efficient smart contracts for your protocol or application.
API development.
Not everything can be on-chain. We'll build your off-chain infrastructure to fill in the gaps and ensure data availability is never an issue.
DevOps & data.
Data infrastructure can get messy, especially when interfacing with on-chain data. We'll keep things running smoothly so you can grow your product (and your data).


Detail-oriented frontends

When it comes to UI, we sweat the small stuff. Every small detail, every user path, and every interaction is intuitive, performant, and effective.

Full application builds.
From the ground up, we'll build your application like its our own: performant, clean, scalable. And we'll do it in record time.
Code cleaning & audits.
Messy codebase? We'd be happy to get it back in shape. Or, we'll run an audit to let you know where you can improve it yourself.
Documentation & direction.
Great code needs great documentation and exceptional architecture. Let us help you plan and document your next big project.

Our Partners

Trusted by the best in crypto

“The team's creative nature, eye for design, and sharp attention to detail are an incredibly rare and unique combination. What I enjoy most about working with Be Water is their ability to think outside the box and view products through the lens of the end-user. They cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, refined technical acumen, and imaginative design skill set that makes them a true visionary in their field and a no-brainer to work with.”

Host, Around the Association

“Be Water blends technical skill with creative vision, resulting in impressive, user-friendly experiences. The team communicates effectively, adapts to feedback, and consistently delivers top-quality work.”

Core, Redacted Protocol | KH

“I've had a chance to work with Be Water across a number of different projects. The team brings a unique set of skills that is seldom seen with great developers. Their knowledge of product, design, and engineering make Be Water the 'Swiss Army Knife' of product development. I'd highly recommend working with them in any capacity.”

@Flex Chapman
Co-founder, Krause House

“The team's ability to develop modern, user-friendly interfaces at an incredibly fast pace was remarkable. They worked with extreme efficiency and proficiency to quickly produce a top-notch front end that perfectly matched our product's brand and vision.”

Co-founder, Token Studios

“Stunning design work, highly creative and collaborative team.”

Core, All in for Sport | KH

“The team at Be Water is to the point & often a co-creator in the process. They're open minded in solution paths, which is helpful as we tackle ever shifting environments. I definitely recommend.”

Co-founder, Krause House

“Best design studio I know! Excellent work, definitely recommend.”

Astronaut E-Sports

Build without compromises.

Stop settling for "good enough" product development. If you're committed to building crypto products for the masses, let's talk.